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Memo for video editor users

Following multiple questions from our users who come to edit and create video or movie or animated presentation slides, here are some tips to keep in mind when you chose a video file to edit in iMovie or Final Cut Express.


Who said you can't use Gmail offline?!

Following the surgery staff request on how to check Gmail inbox being on board or away on trip without Internet access, we publish this small video tip on how to use Gmail Offline.


You need to enable Gmail Offline tool to use in the Chrome web browser without being connected to the Internet.

Here's a 1 min video instruction on how to do this:



Need help? We are here for you!

Do you need help or training to manage your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Wordpress, and other social media tools? Not sure how to move forward? (since your kids won't help you)?

Do you need an advice on which app to chose? Do you need to create a podcast or launch a newsletter campaign?


Are you McGill user on mobile and in hospital? There's network for you now!


Starting March 1 2012 McGill users can now connect to McGill University resources from the MUHC using Wi-Fi access on any wireless devices!

Make sure you have your devices properly configured according to the McGill Wireless Network Connectivity instructions.


Follow-up on Zotero workshop - tips & video

On December 9 there was one hour workshop on using Zotero - FREE, open source citation management application that helps you collect and organize citations and create bibliographies.



Download the DeK logo for your presentation slides and video clips

Here you can download the Henry K.M. de Kuyper Education Centre logo in the format suitable for your PowerPoint slides or other media:



What we offer

Here's the list of the products and services we offer in the Henry K. M. de Kuyper Education Centre:



Only public folders are shared

How to share documents between MACs.

If you want to share a document with another registered user please copy this document (file, folder, clip, or a photo) into the Public Folder of the designated user. Follow these steps (make sure you are on the network before doing this!):



Local network in the DeK

You can log in under your username and password on any MAC.

To access your desktop folder located on another MAC in the DeK, you must connect as a registered user. Make sure the targeted Mac is running and on network.



How to use MACs in the DeK

In our Centre we have three brand new iMacs at your disposal, one of them is a powerful iMacPro with 4TB storage space (2x2,93 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 16Gb 1066 MHz DDR3) and double screens. All are OS X 10.6.8.


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