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Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2012

From March 15th to March 17, 2012 - the education community of Second Life, OpenSim, and other virtual worlds will be hosting a 3 day conference on best practices in education. This conference will promote the best and brightest from the Virtual World's Education Community in various fields of practice including everything from demonstrations to hands on theory.


The conference is a free event for educators and researchers of virtual worlds, knowledge emergence, knowledge development, and their educational impacts. Last year this event had over 2400 attendees (700+ pre-registrations) and over 250 speakers from around the world.

You can freely attend this event in our Centre starting 3 pm on March 15th.

If you do not have your login access to Second Life, you can use the one of our Centre. Or, you can watch the events live on your own with TreetTV.

Here is the schedule of all the events for three days (it is in Pacific Time, to convert in EST, use this time converter).  To read more about this, please go to Virtual World Best Practices in Education 2012 web site.

For any questions ask the coordinator for assistance.