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As a member of the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network we offer you to attend its webinar "How your hospital can make itself a trusted neighbor on Pinterest" that will take place on August 30 at 3 pm in the Henry K.M. de Kuyper Education Centre (D6-257, MGH)

Presenter: Ashley Howland, Baylor Health Care System's social media manager.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites. And the hottest new social media marketing tool.

In less than a year, it’s reached more than 11 million unique U.S. visitors. Why should health care communicators be interested?



  • Pinterest drives more traffic to other websites than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined!
  • Exactly the same group of Internet users who is most interested in health care loves Pinterest: Younger and middle-aged women, especially homemakers.
  • No wonder alert hospitals scramble to incorporate Pinterest in their social media strategies!


Statistics show that arts and crafts, fashion, food, and home decor make up more than 60 percent of Pinterest users' pin boards. 

Where in this powerful new social medium is your hospital?

In her new 75-minute webinar, “How your hospital can make itself a trusted neighbor on Pinterest,” Ashley Howland, Baylor Health Care System's social media manager, will explain how Baylor became one of the most followed health care organizations on Pinterest. During this webinar, you will learn:

What makes Pinterest a good fit for health care

The elements of a good pin

How to gain followers and get your pins noticed

How to create eye-catching boards

Tips for interacting with other pinners

Why your hospital should collaborate with other brands

Tips to avoid copyright concern!

This webinar aims exclusively at health care industry professionals interested in Pinterest, but unsure of how to start!

Ashley will show you to begin Pinning and get Pinned—and you’ll have a powerful new marketing ally for your hospital, clinic, or medical center.

Ashley Howland is the social media manager for Baylor Health Care System, a network of 300 health care access points including acute care hospitals, surgery centers and clinics in Dallas, Texas. She has been in marketing and public relations for seven years. In 2009, she built a robust social media program from the ground up and oversees the strategy and content for Baylor's primary social media networks. She serves as the organization's online spokesperson and as the editor of Baylor's "Sammons Says" blog about cancer prevention, treatment, and research. This year, she helped lead an internal effort to unblock access to social media websites within her organization.


This webinar is available for free exclusively to the members of Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network. Your Henry K.M. de Kuyper Education Centre offers you this great opportunity to learn how to engage your doctors or your hospital department in social media trend.

Please sign-up for this event here.