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Update: Workshop handout


What are you doing to your patients?

Not in medical terms, but in your interactions with them: your physical attitude, your gestures, where you sit, and even the degree to which you interrupt or leave pauses between sentences; these may all affect the quality of their experience under your care.


Are they more intimidated by you than they need to be?

Do they feel able to ask all of the questions they would like to?

Can they think and process clearly in your presence?

Will they be able to hear and follow your advice?"


The Henry K.M.de Kuyper Education Centre is happy to announce the new workshop "Interacting with patients: body language and social status behaviour"  scheduled on January 31, 2013 during Multidisciplinary Surgical Grand Rounds session offered by the invited instructor from Concordia University Kate Bligh MA, director, dramaturge, writer, and teacher. The MSGR audience remembers Mrs. Bligh's first workshop last year on how to present for retention and we are sure they won't be disappointed this time!  


During this workshop presented by Kate Bligh and a professional actor you will learn how to:

Put patients at their ease (without dragging out your consultation times);

Adapt your interactions in order to maximise your effectiveness with different personality types;

Communicate more effectively; enable patients to better absorb and respond to what you say;

Understand where and how you stand or sit may be affecting your patient interactions;

Apply these basic but wide-ranging techniques to all interpersonal exchanges.


Also,  there'll be included tips on interacting with peers and colleagues in the session (in fact, the content is applicable in every sphere of human interaction.)



Please stay posted for more details!


Webinar video