Our Team

Ekaterina completed her Master degree of Library and Information Studies at McGill University in 2011.

Since 2009 she had been working in the Herzl Family Practice Centre (Patient Education Centre) of Jewish General Hospital and in the medical libraries of MGH and RVH, and accumulated good experience with user needs assessment, workshop development, and reference work.  This experience helped her to define a career path to pursue - research assistance, project management, and information literacy workshops in clinical medical environment that interest her most of all.

Since April 2011 Ekaterina works as the coordinator in the DeK and is responsible for managing surgery media library, digitization project, workshops development, video conferencing and other educational initiatives generated by MIS. Since 2013 Ekaterina is also the Assistant Editor of the Square Knot surgical newsletter of McGill University and the coordinator of the orthopaedic research publications database.

SAGES Allied Health Professional Member since 2013.

You can contact Ekaterina here.