We have got a new handbook available in print for our users - "Social Media in Clinical Practice" by Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD medical futurist, geek doctor with a PhD in genomics, popular Twitterer, award-winner developer of the Social MEDia Course, Futuremed alumni and university lecturer. It is more than a handbook but a set of practical guidelines, check-lists, and practices on how medical professional can use different social media platforms to make their personal and department work more efficient.


Here's a snapshot on the content:

- creating RSS feed for your channels;

- community sites for medical professionals;

- establishing a medical blog (reasons, steps, tips and tricks);

- organizing tweetchats;

- tools for group online collaboration;

- organizing medical events in virtual environment;

- creating medical videos and podcasts; 

- wikis;

- e-mails and privacy concerns, and many more...


We encourage you to check this book out if you want to embrace the social media needs in your practice or in your department, if you want to see a good example and learn more on what's available out there and what's been tested by your peers in other healthcare centres!