In the August issue of the E-EnBref you can find an article "Welcome to the DeK" telling about our Centre, its current and future projects.

You can read the original on the MUHC Portal online. For those of you who do not have access to it, we copy the text below.




Thanks to generous contributions from the Montreal General Hospital Foundation and the de Kuyper family, we are proud to announce the recent opening of the Henry K. M. de Kuyper Education Centre (The deK). The Centre is a new and innovative place where surgeons, residents and students can learn how to use technology to optimize education and professional productivity. Our main goal is to enhance learning and teaching using the web, modern software and media.


We are conveniently located on the 6th floor at the Montreal General Hospital, and encourage people to stop by for a visit. We are equipped with a fleet of powerful Macintosh computers with video-editing capacity, a video-conferencing unit and a wonderfully energetic coordinator, Ekaterina Lebedeva (you can call her Katia). We are very fortunate to be supported by John Labelle from the multi-media department and by a volunteer (Ryan Hartley). The Centre also has a very close partnership with the Steinberg-Bernstein Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Innovation.


A few of the projects that we have been working on since April 2011 include monthly Minimally Invasive Surgery rounds, whereby we teleconference with about 15 centres around the world to discuss a variety of topics related to MIS. In addition, we have started the creation of a surgical video library. Currently, we have over 1000 surgical videos and are in the process of cataloguing them to improve their educational value. We eventually hope to have the videos available for download from our website (another project that is just getting started). We would welcome any surgical videos from any subspecialty, whether they are open, endoscopic, edited or not – please feel free to donate your videos to our library or to come and browse through our selection!


Our official opening ceremony will take place in the fall, but we are open for business and welcome all visitors. In the next few weeks, we will send out a short survey to faculty and residents to better understand what your needs are with regards to technology for surgical education, and would be delighted if you could take the time to complete it. We plan to hold small workshops and seminars about how to edit video, make a blog, have a website, PowerPoint presentations, and other online tools. We hope to be dynamic, flexible and to adapt to the educational needs of our profession. When you have a moment, please check on YouTube "The Henry K. Kuyper Education Centre presentation" to get a glimpse of what we do and how we might help you.