Tips for Users

On December 9 there was one hour workshop on using Zotero - FREE, open source citation management application that helps you collect and organize citations and create bibliographies.




The workshop was given by Megan Fitzgibbons (@fitzm)  liaison librarian from the Education library & Curriculum Resources centre of McGill University.

Following the question from the attendees on how to capture the references that are pasted from a Word document, we post here the instructor's tips with a small demo video on the steps:


1. Register at CrossRef for an account

2. Go there to SimpleTextQuery and paste in your bibliography

3. From the reference list that is generated, use the Zotero button in the toolbar to capture the references on the page.


Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with Zotero. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Zotero is a FREE powerful research tool that helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources (citations, full texts, web pages, images, and other objects), and lets you share the results of your research in a variety of ways.

An extension to Firefox, Zotero includes the best parts of older reference manager software (like EndNote) — the ability to store author, title, and publication fields and to export that information as formatted references — and the best parts of modern software and web applications (like iTunes and, such as the ability to interact, tag, and search in advanced ways.

Zotero integrates tightly with online resources; it can sense when you are viewing a book, article, or other object on the web, and —on many major research and library sites—find and automatically save the full reference information for the item in the correct fields.