Tips for Users

You can log in under your username and password on any MAC.

To access your desktop folder located on another MAC in the DeK, you must connect as a registered user. Make sure the targeted Mac is running and on network.




Finder > Network>DeKuyper_CLIU_iMAC2 > Connect as (in the right top corner of the Finder window) > Type your name and password > Choose your folder > Access your desktop.



On the local network the desktops have the following names:

MAC1 – DeKuyper_CIU_MACPro

MAC2 – DeKuyper_CIU_iMAC2

MAC3 – DeKuyper_CIU_iMAC03


Please do not change the screensaver!

If you need to set up your new account (registered user), please ask the coordinator for the assistance. If you are new to the Centre or forgot your password, you can always log in under a guest account.