Tips for Users

Here's the list of the products and services we offer in the Henry K. M. de Kuyper Education Centre:



    1. two MAC desktops with iOS 10.6.8 and one MAC with iOS 10.9 (Mavericks) - up to 6TB of storage
    2. online booking of iMAC and iMacPro desktops, Skype sessions, and conference service;
    3. online sign-up for events;
    4. conference room with 12 places, blackboard, TV-set, DVD-player, VHS-player, phone;
    5. videoconference Tandberg unit;
    6. iRecord Pro for high quality media recorder for iPad, iPhone & iOS 7
    7. surgical video library (over 1700 videos, both VHS and DVD);
    8. digital convertor unit;
    9. FileMaker Pro 10
    10. range of Apple softwares and Adobe Creative Suite CS4;
    11. individual login access for each iMAC user;
    12. high transparency keyboard protectors;
    13. Internet access through McGill (no firewalls) research line; NB: no OASIS here!
    14. headphones for Skype sessions;
    15. two colour printers;
    16. one scanner;
    17. digital photo camera Sony Cyber-shot 14.1 megapixels
    18. spare USB keys, computer and devices chargers and connectors;
    19. spare PC and MAC computer mouses, mouse pads;
    20. spare computer speakers;
    21. all-in-one card reader for all digital media formats;
    22. straps ("bretelles") for iPAD users;
    23. Intuos Drawing tablet;
    24. database literature research;
    25. video-editing usage assistance;
    26. flexible hours and after-hours access;
    27. NEW! Web Conferencing (with Adobe ConnectNow)
    28. NEW! Sound-proof cubicle for recording, Skype calls, and individual study 


All of these services are available for booking. Please contact us by ext. 45390 to reserve a place.

We are in the process of gradually digitizing the part of the surgery video library recorded in VHS. If you need a video of the procedure that is presently stored in VHS format we can digitize it for you in DVD format by request. The final goal of this project is to have most of the videos available in streaming on the web site.

We welcome any surgical videos of any subspecialty, whether they are open, endoscopic, laparoscopic, edited or not - please feel free to donate your videos to our library or to come and browse through our selection.


You can read more about our main goals and resources here.